Certifications of Professor Dr. Raqibul Anwar

Professor Dr. Raqibul Anwar is MBBS, LRCP (Edinburgh) LRCS (Edinburgh) LRCPS (Glasgow) MA (Medical Education) MSc (Health Policy, Planning, and Health Economics) FRCS (England) FRCS (Glasgow) FRCS (Intercollegiate/Colorectal).

He has been awarded a Masters in Health Policy, Planning and Financing for London School of Economics as well as from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London. He completed a Masters in Medical Education from University of Bedford and Hertfordshire. His previous appointments include being the Lead Consultant for undergraduate teaching at Imperial College in London and Cambridge University Medical School.

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Some of the services provided by Professor Dr. Raqibul Anwar.

Laparoscopic and open Colon Cancer

Rectal Cancer & Stomach cancer surgery


Gallbladder Stone




Fistula Surgery

Gastroenterological problem

General surgery

Rectum Related Problems


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